RMA Helps Readers Revalue Themselves

Retrospective Miscue Analysis invites readers to explore their own sense making. One result is a positive shift in how readers view themselves. That’s revaluing. In her post Reading That Makes Sense, Susan Warren shares another result—a shift in reading proficiency.

Reading That Makes Sense: A Reader Revalued by Susan Warren

“By exploring our miscues, James was developing the idea that reading was not about reading words fast and accurately. He was beginning to understand that reading was about comprehending. When James came to a word he did not know, he needed permission to make a meaningful substitution. We practiced this until he was doing it on his own. Instead of begging me to tell him the word, he started demanding that I not tell him the word, but give him a hint about what it might mean. Success!”

The potential of bringing about these sorts of changes in our readers fuels our enthusiasm for doing RMA.

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